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1HD.BIZ is all about presenting the BEST deals around.
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We only post products when there's a good reason for it: Either the product is at a very attractive price-point, or simply because it's a cool product worth mentioning even if not at the very lowest price-point at the time of posting.

Regarding used/refurbished items: We only list previously-owned items which are in like-new condition, or which have been manufacturer-refurbished and are still under warranty.

We don't copy content from others. Our product info is original.

Sometimes we get offers to put generic ads on 1HD.BIZ, but we don't do that. It would just negatively impact the website's integrity, and we do uphold the website's integrity to a high standard.

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We try to avoid sub-standard low quality products, or products containing components which are not up to par with a minimum level of performance that we're willing to tolerate.

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