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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Noco Genius 2 Battery Charger - Preview and Initial thoughts

I just got the Noco Genius 2 Battery charger.

This thing is tiny...smaller than I expected.

It will charge many types of batteries, either 6V or 12V, up to 40Ah.

The package contains Red and Black clamps with a replaceable fuse.

It's currently offered at Amazon USA priced at $49.95, but you can get it on sale for around $33. It is also available in Europe with an EU or UK plug, for example here at Amazon UK currently priced at £54.58 GBP.

In my case, I used it to charge the Noco NLP30 Li-Ion battery which I received not too long ago. It had about 25% charge and the Genius2 charged it up to 100% in a couple hours, indicating the battery is full with its Green light (the Genius 2 charger was set to "12V Lithium" mode). It seems that a full charge is around 14.3V-14.4V for the NLP30 battery, as indicated by the multi-meter I connected to measure the voltage.

The NOCO NLP30 gets fully charged around 14.4V

This duo - the battery and the charger, are actually a nice set, and useful for many applications.

The NOCO NLP30 battery next to the Genius 2 Charger


The Genius 2 charger comes with a plastic mounting bracket and Velcro, which is convenient if you wish to mount it on a wall right next to an AC outlet.

More info on NOCO's website.