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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

RED Hydrogen One Mobile Media Device Announced [New video]

Jim Jannard, founder of Red Digital Cinema, is about to announce something new & exciting on the RedUser forum. Stay Tuned...

Update 4:
Phil Holland, a very avid RED user and experienced videographer, also got invited to see the Hydrogen first hand. Here's a photo he took, alongside his Google Pixel XL cellphone:

Update 3:
And here is the prototype, in it's full glory:

Update 2:
It's very possible that Jim signed an exclusive deal with LEIA3D for the holographic display - led by a couple of French guys (David Fattal & Pierre-Emmanuel Evreux) who migrated to the US. Check out this French news cast (with English subtitles):

Update 1:
"The World’s First Holographic Media Machine. In Your Pocket. No Glasses Needed."

The new device is called Hydrogen One, and it's a 5.7" mobile phone running Android OS, with a holographic display which does not require the use of glasses.

The screen is multi-view (4-view), compared to stereo 3D (which is 2-view).
There's a version made of Aluminum which, if ordered today, costs $1195.
And there's a version of the device made of Titanium which, if ordered today, costs $1595.
Pre-orders can be made here. First shipment is said to be in Q1 2018.
There's a USB Type-C port, a headphone jack, microSD slot, a regular selfie front camera and a back camera. As to be expected, these cameras will not produce cinema quality images (No cellphone does).

Jim says "It operates exactly as a top tier Android cell phone. No difference.
It just happens to enrich your viewing experience and open doors to unlimited possibilities."

The Hydrogen One is the first part of an upcoming modular system. Additional module attachments will be released later on. Those would offer enhancement to image quality.