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Monday, October 2, 2017

Woodfone 3-Way Metal Spinner - Deal on AliExpress [ENDED] ✈

This beautiful Woodfone 3-Way Metal Spinner, which I like to call the "Sphinx UFO Spinner", is available on the AliExpress app for $3.44 & FREE shipping.

I personally bought a few of those, and they are just gorgeous.
The brass/copper body has a good heft, and the bearing is small - type 688 ZZ, I believe.
Among the ones I got, the spin time varies anywhere between 3m:20s to 5m:48s.
I know it's a replica of the original CKF Pepyakka v2.0 spinner, but it's quite good.

Out of the box "Sphinx UFO" spinner

MPX S688 ZZS Bearing (16 x 8 x 5 mm)

Check out some customizations I made...

The original 27mm button caps are made from thin Aluminum, which is fine, but I decided to machine a better cap. Here's the result...took me quite a while to make it:

The "Sphinx UFO" Spinner with my custom Stainless Steel 30mm button cap

Then I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if there were gem stones in those UFO window holes"...

 The "Sphinx UFO" spinner with custom 30mm button and Cubic Zirconia stones

If you're wondering why I called it the "Sphinx UFO", check out this illustration I made:

* ✈ International shipping available.