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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Windows 10 - Get a full list of all installed UWP Packages & Apps

So Windows 10 - I don't really like it, but It's here and we'll have to live with it and deal with it.

I've just found a nice little snippet of PowerShell code which will give you a list of all installed packages, including which apps reside in each package (a package can contain more than one app).

Win10 - Powershell script to get all apps in UWP packages

1. Open Powershell ISE  as admin.
2. Press CTRL+R to show the Script pane.
3. Paste the following code in the Script pane:

$packages = Get-AppxPackage

foreach ( $package in $packages )
    Write-host "Package: $($package.Name)"
    $manifests = Get-AppxPackageManifest -Package $package
    foreach ($manifest in $manifests)
        foreach($app in $manifest.Package.Applications.Application)
            Write-Host "  ID: $($app.Id)"
            Write-Host "  Executable: $($app.Executable)"          


4. Press the green Play icon to execute the script.

5. You'll get a list of all apps installed, including their executable file.
6. You can save the PowerShell script (*.PS1) for use later on.