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Thursday, November 22, 2018

ThunderBolt3 Treats for Your Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK - Deals on Amazon

The Intel Skull Canyon NUC (NUC6i7KYK) is a great little machine, but its diminutive size also means some trade-offs had to be made. Here are a few items I've found on Amazon to complement it and add some extras:

First up is the StartTech TB32DP2 ThunderBolt3.0 to Dual DisplayPort adapter.

Pretty self-explanatory, this adapter gives you the option to connect two more monitors to your Skull Canyon NUC, or hook-up a single 5K 27" Dell monitor (UP2715K).
At $66.86, It's not cheap - but if you need it, buy it.

The second item is the Sonnet Fusion ThunderBolt 3 PCIe Flash drive (Windows Edition) (model # FUS-TB3-512GB-W).

This 512GB bus-powered portable external drive is the perfect match for the Skull Canyon NUC. With a claimed 2100MB/s read and 1550MB/s write, not much is faster. Recorded on Amazon priced at $799.00.

The third item is from Sonnet's competitor, OWC, which has a similar product - the Envoy Pro EX with Thunderbolt 3. It's now been updated for 2018 and the VE models are capable of 2.6GB/s read speed. The heatsink fins on the sides of the case are ment to keep it cool. The 1TB model recorded on Amazon priced at $699.99.

Another interesting storage from OWC is the Mercury Viper with ThunderBolt 3. Internally, it has 4x SSD units (not sure if mSATA or 2242 M.2) in RAID, and it is powered via a wall outlet. It reaches scorching speeds of up to 2GB/s writes, and up to 2.3GB/s reads. It's got a flat profile and a nice light strip around the case for that futuristic look. Unknown yet when will be released and what would be the pricing on these.

The last item is the Akitio Thunder3 Duo Pro enclosure, which can accommodate a couple of 3.5"/2.5" HDDs or SSDs. It features a Hardware RAID controller (RAID0/1/Span/JBoD) and tool-less drive installation.
Great option if you need to expand the Skull Canyon NUC's storage capacity with something that won't handicap the internal M.2 drive(s). Recorded on Amazon priced at $223.79 ✈.