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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shower Filter System - Deal on Amazon

The residential water quality is not great. This is true in many regions around the globe.
You probably already use a water bar for clean drinking water.

After many years of showering in "hard" water which contain calcium, magnesium, chlorine and other nasty micro particles, causing scale deposits accumulating in water faucets and shower heads - the effects on your hair and skin will be very much apparent.

That's why I'm listing the following items, as I feel it is very important for everyone's long term health.
It is truly recommended! If the health of you hair & skin is important to you;
If you want your children to grow up with healthy hair and skin - using something like the WaterChef® filter system is a must have! This is something you don't wanna cheap-out on. It is worth every cent.

The WaterChef® SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System (Polished Chrome) can be purchased on Amazon for $79.95. This is the shiny polished chrome version.

Price includes filter, a shower head and a 60" stainless steel hose, all backed up with 3-Year warranty.
Please note that the filter is rated to last through 10,000 gallons of water, or roughly 6 months of daily family use. In case of using 25 gallons of shower water a day, one filter will last you an entire year.

There are also a Brushed Nickel finish option ($79.95) and a White finish option ($69.95) to suit your bathroom theme.

You should probably get the WaterChef® RCSF-7 Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges (2-PACK), as well.

The 2-pack costs an additional $49.95, and should last through another 20,000 gallons of water.

In total, you're spending around $120-130 for 30,000 gallons (1.5-3 years) of clean shower water.
Now, in case you're looking for a smaller setup, the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-mount Filtered Shower-head (Chrome finish) is most likely for you.

Featured on Amazon as a #1 Best Seller, offering a 5-year warranty and going for only $29.25, it's easy to see why so many buy this item instead. Good for the same 10,000 gallons, which as I mentioned above, equates to roughly 6 months of use, Culligan offers a replacement filter - the $11.99 Culligan WHR-140 Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge.

Culligan also offers a hand-held showerhead version - the Culligan HSH-C135, which currently goes for around $40. It uses the same WHR-140 replacement filter.

So, which ever you decide to go for - expect a much healthier looking hair and skin, for you and your family.