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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Canon C100 Mark II body - lowest price on Amazon [ENDED]

The Canon C100 Mark II is now available on Amazon for the lowest price I've seen: $2899.95 and Free shipping . That's a really good deal . Do mind it is the International Version with No Warranty, but since it's sold by Canon themselves, I wouldn't worry too much.
Everyone else (eBay, B&H, Adorama, etc.) list it for much higher - roughly $4400 to $4500.

This semi-pro camcorder shoots high quality video. Featuring an 8.3MP super35 sensor roughly the size of APS-C sensors, it's got great low-light capability. The effect of Shallow depth-of-field can be easily achieved with it, something other cameras with smaller sensors would have a hard time achieving.
The camera has an EF mount, so you can pretty much use any Canon lens on it, plus lenses from other vendors (Tamron, Sigma, Rokinon, etc.) designed for EF mount.

Canon's now famous class-leading Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus comes as standard.
Recording internally to regular SD cards, which are very cheap nowadays, it's easy on the pocket as well. The tilting OLED screen & grip handle are very convenient and the built-in WiFi means footage can be transferred off-camera quite easily.
Capable of shooting up to 1080p60, it is a great option for event videography (weddings and the like).
If you're in the business, buy it. Now.