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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Microsoft Word - macro for toggling Text Boundaries

By default, MS Word doesn't show the Text Boundaries (where the margins are).

Here's a little macro which gives you the ability to turn on/off the Text Boundaries:

Sub Toggle_Text_Boundaries()
' Text_Boundaries Macro
' Turn Text Boundaries on/off
    If (ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries = True) Then
     ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries = False
    ElseIf (ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries = False) Then
       ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries = True
    End If  
End Sub

Or this one, which is shorter:
Sub Toggle_Text_Boundaries()
ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries = _
Not ActiveWindow.View.ShowTextBoundaries
End Sub

Please note that Word 2007 has full page text boundaries, which is what you'd expect.
Word 2013 has paragraph text boundaries, which is less helpful. Sadly, this behavior is hard-coded and cannot be changed.