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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Should ThunderBolt replace SATA3 for internal drives?

Up until now, we've seen several products utilizing ThunderBolt, but they all connect externally to a PC/Mac.
Since ThunderBolt has a higher throughput than SATA3, wouldn't it be better for us to use ThunderBolt on internal storage instead of SATA3?

Booting over Thunderbolt is supported, according to LaCie and Promise who manufacture external ThunderBolt storage devices.

This, of course, requires motherboards with internal TB ports and SSD drives with a native TB port.
Alternatively, the TB SSDs could be connected to a PCIe X8 RAID card with native TB ports. With a proper implementation, this could yield very high storage throughput, with several GB/s using 4 fast SSD drives.