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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ASRock XFast RAM Utility

Here's a small and free RAMDISK utility from ASRock, called ASRock XFast RAM Utility (currently at v2.0.28).
A RAMDISK is a virtual disk that can have its own drive letter, and acts like a regular hard-drive, only it's much faster (faster than SSDs as well).
Basically you decide what portion of your RAM you're willing to allocate for the virtual RAM drive, and leave the rest for regular usage (usually 4GB is acceptable).
So for example - if you happen to have 16GB of RAM, you can leave 4GB for your OS and applications, and use 12GB for the virtual RAM drive.
Then you can use this RAM drive for boosting storage-heavy tasks and get some really amazing performance.

Info and HowTo video:

Direct download (3.44MB):
Europe, Asia, USA

NOTE: XFast RAM is recommended to be used with RAM configurations of 6GB or more, and is currently supported in Vista, Win7, Win8 & Win10 (x86 and x64).